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Kelly Brickel

Kelly Brickel is a Numerologist, Psychic-Medium, Spiritual Teacher and the Owner/Creator of Sacred Spiral Network. With over 11 years of experience in service as a professional intuitive as well as lifelong passion for Communications and Media, Kelly's passions are learning about the Soul, Energy and how to help empower others along the way. Whether the connection is through Spirit, emotion or vibrational numbers there is always a pathway to information waiting to help -- and now additionally through the wonderful Spiritual Community of liked-minded hearts sharing along the way. May our blessings multiply with all this beautiful synergy! On Sacred Spiral Network you can find Kelly teaching, conversing and sharing her gifts on The Psychic Hour & The Numerology Hour. Weekdays Wednesdays & Fridays @ 1pm PST. For events, classes, or to schedule a reading:


Debbie Romero

My name is Debbie  Romero and I am an International Renowned Evidential Psychic Medium, Energy Worker and Empowerment Teacher who is holding space to bring Awareness , Inspiration & Love  as we raise the vibration collectively for humanity. 


Jennifer Rose

Jennifer Rose serves as an International Spiritual Evidential Medium, Trance Healer and Channel. She shares her gifts as a teacher, public speaker, transformational guide, writer, poet, and humanitarian among her many passions.

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